Parade will be live-streamed on ABC7 Los Ángeles and Worldwide.

Parade will be televised on ABC7 Los Ángeles and live-streamed worldwide.


Día de Muertos is Mexico’s most colorful and ancient tradition dedicated to celebrating the lives of loved ones.

Our vision is to bring a culturally rich event that pays homage to a beloved tradition in Mexico.

The parade is where Catrines and Catrinas can playfully stroll down the street followed by musical groups, folklorico dancers, cars adorned with marigolds and Paper Mache Calaveras, and more.


The festival embraces creativity and tradition to work together to provide access to the community to experience this beautiful tradition as attendees go to the art exhibits, stop by the calaveritas vendors and speak with the individuals that created the Altares.

Altares are the heart of the celebration, each one telling a story and paying a special tribute to a life well-lived.

Get a deeper understanding in the relationship between life and death as an ancient tradition comes to life. Join us!

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